Feeding my photography obsession


Rise and shine, Cotton ☀️

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I took about 10 pictures of my cat this morning because she was curled up in a ball on my bed. I’ve seen her do this a million times; I wake up to it every morning. Does that stop me from taking her picture? Absolutely not. My camera roll is a huge mess that each day pushes my phone towards its storage limit.

Recently, I decided to buy a DSLR. The process of finding the right one was a bit overwhelming. I did some thoughtful research before I made the final decision but the price was the biggest factor for me. I know this is something that I will get tremendous use out of but DSLRs are still very pricey. I heard a lot of good things about the Nikon D3300 but went with the D3200 because in my research I found that it functions just about as well as the D3300 but was a bit cheaper. I bought it on eBay and patiently waited for it to come in the mail.

I was so excited when it arrived today (two days earlier than expected). I went outside to take pictures as soon as I got it set up. Of course my younger sister who loves having her picture taken was a good test subject, and so was my dog, Micah. Micah tends to shy away when I lift my phone to take a picture of her but she handled the camera very well.

I still don’t know much about the different functions but I am looking forward to testing everything out. I imagine I’ll get better over time… fingers crossed! All of the following pictures are unedited.


I let Helen try taking a few pictures and she captured this gem.