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How to Survive a Long Car Ride

Now that it’s summer, many people are traveling to explore new cultures or spend time with family. Now, if you’re not into flying, then you’ll likely be suffering some interminable car rides. I myself will be in the car for over ten hours tomorrow. If you’re traveling like me, here are a few tips to make the journey a bit more bearable:


1. Music Music Music

Take some time the night before you leave to update your iTunes library. You know that feeling when you discover a new song and you just want to listen to it for hours? Well this car ride is your golden opportunity. Here are some of my favorite songs right now:

2. Movies

I have a relatively old Macbook but a major perk is the disc drive. Unfortunately Netflix is not an option for car rides so stock up on DVD’s and have your laptop charged! If your journey is long enough, you could watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (my all-time favorite movies), every single Pride and Prejudice movie/series ever made, or like half of Gone with the Wind.

3. The Nook App

I get carsick if I try and read for long periods of time, but for whatever reason reading on the Nook app on my phone doesn’t seem to bother me. You don’t need Wi-Fi to use it and you can store so many books on it!

4. Annoy Your Siblings

Taking pictures of them when they fall asleep is convenient for when their birthday rolls around and you need an embarrassing picture of them to post on Instagram.

5. Sleep

Bring a pillow and blanket and hope that you find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. 

Safe travels!